Rabbit Farming - Beginners Guide For This Profitable Business

Rabbit farming can actually become a very lucrative business if you know what you're getting into. Of course, as with any other kind of business, the general idea is that the more you know about it then the better you will be. The most important thing to understand here are the basics and how much work a rabbit farming business would actually entail. After all, you wouldn't want to bite off more than you can chew and end up having to give up even before you've had any success with it. So, what should a first time rabbit farmer know?

Rabbit Farming Facilities and Various Equipment Needs

Of course, the facilities and tools are your business' greatest assets. Rabbitry would require a modest amount of investment as it only needs simple facilities and a fairly small land area. An average rabbit farm would have around 15 to 100 rabbits at any given time and this would require around $5,000 to $10,000 in startup capital. This is a relatively small amount compared to other kinds of businesses, obviously.

For a meat producing rabbitry, basically one that sells premium priced rabbit meat, an investment return of around 45% during the first of year of operation is actually possible. When it comes to building your rabbit farm, you would need to create a rabbit hutch that is well ventilated, well lit and has proper cooling and heating systems. To make things easier for you when it comes to cleaning, metal cages are recommended. Once you have the cage properly set up, you would need to have a feed hopper, a good watering system and a nest box in placed in it.

The next thing you have to consider when it comes to breeding rabbits would be the rabbit breed. Rabbits are often used for their fur, wool and even their meat. Their use often depends on what breed they are and as such, even before starting your farm; you would need to consider what your rabbits would be used for? Once you've figured that out, only then would you be able to choose the kind of rabbit breed that you would require.

Breeding stock for a rabbit farm can be purchased from various local breeders. Typically, female rabbits are actually capable of producing up to 50 live rabbits annually. Rabbit farming is a relatively easy business to handle once you have gotten the groove of how things work. You will eventually learn other tips and tricks along the way so listen, observe and take note.


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